5 Math Learning Resources to Try at Home

With the school year coming to end, you don’t have to lose all the hard work your kids have been doing these last few weeks.

Math is one area most students complain about, but luckily, there are plenty of great online resources available that are fun and easy to utilize. Here are a few at-home resources and activities we’ve identified to keep your child engaged:

  • Third Space Learning. Here you can find 25 fun maths activities and games for kids to do at home for free.
  • We Are Teachers. Here you’ll find tips, resources, lesson plans, and games for K-12.
  • Homeschool Hideout. This resource provides math activities created by a homeschool teacher/mother.
  • NAEYC. Engaging ways to incorporate math into your child’s day.
  • Parents Magazine. Ditch the flashcards and worksheets, here are unique ways to learn math at home.

According to University of Virginia, here are a few things to be aware of when learning mathematics with children:

  • Ask, then listen. Ask the student what they notice about their surroundings that can get the conversation about math started.
  • Let them show what they know. Allow them to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and explain their ideas.
  • Be open to new ideas. Your child’s thought process may be different from your own so it’s important to understand how their thinking led to their answer.
  • Be patient. Give them time and space to understand mathematics.
  • Learn something new. Learn new approaches to mathematics to broaden your problem solving and critical thinking.

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