National Learning and Development Month

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

October is National Learning and Development Month. This month celebrates growth, encouraging students and individuals to broaden and advance their personal and professional skills.

At CC YES, we strongly believe children are the future. Each student is vital to the community so it’s important for them to be prepared to learn and grow — which is why our Back to Basics Project is so important to helping students begin the school year ready to learn.

Outside of school, here are some ways you can help to empower your child:

  •      Early Learning Programs (Preschool)

As early as 4-years-old, children can be enlisted in a preschool program. Preschool can help nourish your child’s learning and developmental skills with early reading and writing practice.  

  •      Public Library Reading Programs

One of the many services public libraries offer are reading programs. These programs are most often free of charge and encourage families to set aside a few hours every week to read together at their local public library. This can help students associate reading as a fun activity they can continue to do outside of the classroom.  

  •      After-School Programs

After-school programs have proven beneficial in several ways. According to, “attending after-school programs can improve students’ academic performance, improve classroom behavior and plays an important role in encouraging physical activity and good dietary habits.”

To learn how you can support education and the future of our students, contact us here.